Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Softball Season!!!

My new hobby these days has been playing some softball on Thursday nights with my Dad. I went for the first time 3 weeks ago to try it out, and I had a lot of fun! My Dad decided to get me a baseball glove for my birthday to kind of seal the deal on me playing for his team.

On top of that, he mentioned to my Mom that there were some cleats on sale over at Chick's Sporting Goods that would be a good addition to my softball gear as well. Well, these are the cool cleats I just picked up yesterday (even though my birthday was March 20th).... they are a little behind.

I'm pretty stoked about it actually. Softball is good fun, except, throwing the ball all night really hurts my arm. The team put me in the "hot box" or third base. I get a lot of hits coming my way!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Well, it has been too long since I've posted anything so, with a little inspiration from my sister, I am sharing with you my work desk. I call this picture "My Desk-Life", because the majority of my life is right here. This desk has some character. I have sat at here for the past few years.... ever since we moved offices due to a fire. It was sort of torn apart through the moving process. As cluttered as it might look, I actually have everything really organized and I clean and dust it frequently. Anyways, this blog is more of a resolve to post more on my blog, so I took initiative and started right away by taking a picture with my cell phone. My example for good blogging: Tristen and Ken! Thanks Tristen for all your entries, I love to read them!